Rubber Expansion Joint and Rubber Joint

ID : 86229
Brand : POFPO
Last Update : 23/09/2559 11:18 Preview : 27,996
POFPO Rubber flexible joint are desi gned for tough demanding indusreial application,as found in : Air conditioning-heating and ventilating systems,chemical-petrochemical and industrial process piping systems. Power generating systems, marine service, pulp & paper systems,water-wastewater sewage and pollution control system. Instsalled next to mechanical equiment or between the anchor point of piping system. Specify the POFPO Rubber flexible joint to : 1.Absorb pipe/movement/stress 2. Decrease systems noise 3. Isolate Vibration 4. Compensate alignment/offset 5. Eliminate electrolysis 6. Protect against start up,Surge forces Features: -Vibration,Sound And Shock Absorption -Higher Burst Strength -Greater Recovery From Movement -Free From Corrosion -Security Assured In Usage -Low Deformation Under Pressure -Suitable For Suction And Delivery -Greater Movements are Availlable