Flexible Industrial Hose:Teflon Hoses,Flexible PVC

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FLEXIBLE TEFLON HOSES F-95M-S OM SMOOTH PTFE STAINLESS STEEL BRAID STANDARD DUTY PFA US PHARMACOPEIA-CLASS VI SS304 AND FLEXIBLE TEFLON HOSES F-95C OM CONVOLUTED PTFE STAINLESS STEEL BRAID STANDARD DUTY PFA US PHARMACOPEIA-CLASS VI SS304 TUBE : Smooth PTFE - High Mechanical And Vibration Resistance, Low Permeability, Dielectrical , Fire Resistant, Food Grade (fda, Dvgw, Bgaapproved).Chemically Inert, Non Sticking, Ozone And Weather Resistant. REINFORCEMENT : High Tensile stainless Steel Braid AISI 304 APPLICATION : Compressed Air, Gas, Steam, Fuel, Oil, Chemical, Food And Pharmaceutical Products.Particularly Suitable For Steam Piping On Injection Moulding Machines, Diathermic Oil Installations, Charging Lines For Criogenic Gases, Compressor Discharge Lines, Automotive, Pharmaceutical And Food Sectors.Solvents, Pigments And Paint Transferlines.Hydraulic Lines In Power Stearing Marine Applications. Not Suitable For Molten Alkali Metals And Halogens At Elevated Temperature. TEMPERATURE : -60°C +260°C (-76°F +500°F) BRAND TYPE : Unbranded
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FLEXIBLE PVC SPIRAL STEEL WIRE REINFORCED HOSE OR FLEXIBLE PVC SUPER SUN SPRING HOSE: SUPER SUN SPRING HOSE. With hard steel wires put inside, this hose withstands to decompression, which is appropriate for vacuuming applications.Superior in transparency, this hose is appropriate for piping of operating oil
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PolyurethaneTube ● High flexibility  ● Small bending radius ● Widely used in many applications  ● Available in ether and ester types ● Optimum abrasion resistance ● High tensile strength ● Low temperature flexibility Application Automated machinery, coating machinery, all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic & hydraulic machinery, construction and various pneumatic tools. Polyether based polyurethane tube is hydrolysis-resistant, anti-bacterial & anti-fungous, and it can be used for gardening, cleaning, water hoses and other purposes. Ether type polyurethane tube is resistance to hydrolysis, fungus and weatherability. Ester type polyurethane tube give maximum abrasion resistance and good oil, solvent and great resistance.
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Nylon Tube ● Excellent in weather resistance ● Good aging ● Resists abrasion and vibration ● High tensile strength and modulus of elasticity ● High impact resistance, a high heat distortion temperature ● Can withstand contact with chemicals, alkalis, dilute acids or oxidizing agents Application For Hydraulic Hoses, Robotics, and Vacuum, Fuel, Vapor, Air and Brake lines. Its Heat Resistance and UV Stabilization Make it Resistant to Stress-Cracking, So it Works Well in Sunny Areas.