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GLAND PACKING 4001 PTFE With Lubricate Dipped Braided Packing Product Details Model NO.: MK-4001 Standard: Standard Material: PTFE+ Silicone Oil Usage: Pump, Compressor, Valve Size Range: 4mm-50mm Product Description 1.Braided with Pure PTFE yarn and treated with high temperature-resistant silicone oil, minimizing shaft worn-out due to best self-lubrication. applicable for dynamic seal at high linear speed. 2. 100% White Expanded PTFE Packing is designed for use in valves, but can be used in other low speed services. 3. Fast and simple to install, with minimum maintenance requirements. Pure Teflon Packing can be adjusted very finely and reduced to extremely low levels. 4. High chemical resistance, very low coefficients of friction. 5. 100% White Expanded PTFE Packing is suitable for valves and pumps used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper mills, fiber plant, where high purity and corrosion resistance is required.
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Teflon PTFE Back - Up Rings have no Intended Sealing Function. Instead, as Their Name Indicates, They are Protective and Supporting Elements Made from Extrusion - Resistant Materials which Generally have a Rectangular Cross Section. They are Installed in a Groove Together with am Elastomeric Sealing Element Preferably with a Corresponding O - Ring in Static applications.Due to the Tight Fit of the Back - Up Ring in the Housing, They Prevent Extrusion of the Pressurized Elastomeric Sealing Element into the Sealing gap.
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